Fogging Insulated Glass

Have you had insulated glass windows that you clean inside and outside but the glass is never clean or clear?
The likely culprit is a Failed I.G. (Insulated Glass) Unit

Here’s the scoop:

Technology has improved since the mid-80s when these IG units were made in stacks by hand, about 10 at a time. Then there were much higher failure rates, Which makes sense when you consider we were manually applying sealant to the outsides of the IG units.

Now there is advanced automated machinery in Window Plants that not only cut the glass but then assembles the IG units for glazing into the window frame. Most window companies provide extended or even lifetime warranties on Insulated Glass Windows.

So, what can you do?

The first and least expensive option is to have the window Reglazed.
What that will entail is removing the old, failed IG unit and replacing it with a new one. If it is only happening to 1 or 2 pieces of glass in your home Reglazing may be best.

If you are experiencing failures in multiple windows…It may be time to consider replacing the entire window with something more energy efficient. I will talk more about that in another blog.



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